Lighting with Lowel Ego
lowel egoThe Lowel Ego desktop digital imaging light has become popular with amateurs & pro's alike, for its 'easy to use' ability and beautiful output. Now anyone can create great looking professional results in their home.

Setup is a breeze, plug it in, place it on the table, & turn it on. The result is fast, simple, & beautiful fluorescent daylight with highly accurate color rendering abilities. It's ideal for taking digital tabletop shots by collectors, arts & crafts hobbiests, sellers, archivists, and desktop publishers.
However more & more people are discovering that the versatility of the Ego can lend itself nicely to a wider range of production situations.

Its use has also fuelled desire for a more in depth understanding of how fluorescent lamps can be used in professional imaging.

This lesson will show you different ways the Lowel Ego can be used and also explain how to adjust the way you light when using fluorescent lamps.

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Simple Tabletop Lighting With Ego

The Lowel Ego digital imaging light can be used with or without its bounce reflector card.

Basic Tabletop Setups

  • Place your camera on a tripod and frame your shot.

  • Place the Lowel Ego on the table to the right or left of the camera and experiment with placement to find a position & angle that gives desired results.

  • Check the shot on camera's LCD screen to make sure the light isn't visible in the frame.

  • If you want more even lighting across the subject, add the bounce reflector card as shown, on the opposite side of the light.

  • Experiment with placement of light & reflector, as shown with arrows. Also try adjusting rear tilt dial.

Ego Light Alone

Ego Light with Reflector

Shooting Taller Objects

  • When shooting taller objects, raise the position of the light by placing 1 or more large books under the Lowel Ego. Experiment with the real tilting dial to vary the angle of the light and find the desired result.

  • Note: There is a 1/4-20 screw thread hole in the underside of the ego lamp socket housing that will accomodate a small tabletop tripod which can also be used for this purpose.

  • It is not necessary to raise the position of the reflector bounce card to match the light. By tilting the Ego, either with its rear dial or all the way forward so it's front diffuser rests on the books, the light output will point towards the reflector card and be bounced as fill light to the object.

Ego Light Alone

Ego Light with Reflector

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