Lighting with the Accessory Lampheads of Rifa eXchange
rifa exchange
Most Lowel users are familiar with the Rifa-lite, a quick setup dedicated softlight with four different sized models, from 300 - 1000w max.

All models of Lowel Rifa have been updated to the Rifa eXchange System, with an accessory system that furthers the creative abilities & options of the light. The light is called Rifa eX for short.

The heart of the eX system is its' ability to easily remove the centered tungsten-halogen lamphead, and quickly exchange it for an accessory head. This allows use of lower wattage tungsten-halogen (powered by AC or DC) lamps than previously possible, daylight
screw-threaded fluorescent lamps, or even the incandescant bulb out of your household table lamp.

To showcase the different ways the accessory lampheads can be used, we will do all of our demonstrations using one of the mid-sized Rifa eX models, the 750w max. Rifa eX 66.

For a comprehensive introduction to soft light and how to work with it, see Understanding Soft Light in our EDU Foundations section.

When working with Rifa eX or any Lowel product, always read the equipment instructions fully.

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The Rifa eXchange System Components
500-1000w AC

Standard Lamphead supplied with
Rifa eX 55, 66, & 88
Does not fit eX 44
50-200w DC,
125-300w AC

Standard Lamphead supplied with Rifa eX 44
Accessory head for
eX 55, 66, & 88
Fluorescent or

Accessory head for all
Rifa eX models
Fluorescent only

Accessory head for all
Rifa eX models
side view
4 Lowel Rifa eXchange models

For complete product information on
Rifa eXchange, click here.

TH-X1000 Head Tungsten-halogen 500-1000w AC
rifa exchange The TH-X1000 lamphead is the standard supplied head for the Rifa eX 55, 66, & 88 models. Only the Rifa 44 eX uses a different head (the lower wattage TH-X300). The TH-X1000 can not be used with the 44 eX.

Depending on the Rifa eX model used, the TH-X1000 lamphead will have a different maximum wattage capability.
Used with the Rifa eX 88, max is 1000w. With the Rifa eX 66, the max is 750w, and with the Rifa eX 55 the max is 500w. However you can use the lower wattage lamps in the larger models of Rifas.

This can help cut down output if you don't need the maximum wattages the Rifa can handle.
Using Lower Wattage Lamps to Lower Output of the Rifa

A detail from our shot. Lit by 2 Rifa eX 88s with 1000w lamps, it will be bright enough to use a high f-stop and create the depth of field we are looking for in the image. Unfortunately, both sides are equally lit, giving a flat looking result. We dont want to move either light back to reduce output, as that would also reduce softness. We opt to change the lamp on the right side Rifa eX to a lower wattage. This will reduce flatness and also create a Key / Fill contrast ratio.
Since both lights have been burning, the lampheads will be hot, we use a work glove when removing the eX lamphead to relamp it to 500W.
Our final shot, shown in full & detail has more depth & character, due to the difference in light levels on each side of the basket. The left side is brighter, but not drastically. If you look closely at the shadows at the base of the basket, you will see that they are more apparent on the right side, due to the source on the left being stronger.

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