Cookaloris, an Introduction...

This is a classic tool used to give some character to a bland background. Its effects are reminiscent of light filtering through lace curtains or leaves on a tree. The cookaloris' basic form hasn't changed much over the years. Traditionally just a piece of thin plywood with random shapes cut out and clamped to another stand to allow position adjustments.

In use, generally the closer the cookoloris is to the wall or background, and away from the light, the sharper the shadow will be. The cookaloris that fits in the barndoor frame of the Omni-light gives it's most dramatic effect when the light is closer to the wall / background.

no cookie
Still life - 1 light, no Cookaloris

no cookie
Setup - Omni-light & reflective umbrella. No Cookaloris

omni with umbrella
Omni-light with 500W lamp

hard cut cookie
Still life, with 2nd light added, focused thru Cookaloris, onto background

hard cut cookie
Setup - 1 Omni-light with umbrella, 1 Omni-light, 1 large Cookaloris

coockie and bowl
Wide shot shows cut-out style & position of Cookaloris

lowel cookie
Still life, 2nd light added, with Cookaloris accessory attached to light, focused onto background

Wide Shot Lowel cookie
Setup - 2 Omni-lights, reflective umbrella & Cookaloris accessory attachment

Omni Light with a cookie
Omni-light with Cookaloris attachment

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