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We Were There from the Beginning...
In 1959 Lowel pioneered the location lighting revolution. It has continued to this day, resulting in a world where there are now virtually as many creative options for lighting & control outside the studio as there are inside.
From then until now, we have continued to design & offer location kits featuring lights that are versatile, rugged & dependable, while offering the best in output & light quality. They are supported by dependable Stands & other Mounting Accessories, and finessed with a wide selection of Light Controls.

For an informational overview of things to consider when buying a kit, read Kit Considerations.

Choosing Kits

If you already know the specific kit you wish to see, choose it from the menu list at the page bottom.
Choose a lighting system category below to read overview information on that series of kits, and to link to specific kits of that system.
PRO Power LED Kits
Lowel PRO Power LED brings strong output with a wide focus range to your choice of Tungsten or Daylight color kits. 2 and 3 light kits, with & without DC power and light control accessories. DC Accessory kits too.
Prime Location LED Kits
Prime Location Kit
Rugged 1 & 2 light Prime Location LED Kits, in your choice of Daylight or Tungsten color, with either V-Lock or Gold Mount battery plates. In standard or heavy duty shipping case options.
Lowel Blender (LED)
Kits & Packs
Color blending LED's let you quickly match the lighting of your location, whether its daylight, tungsten, or anything in between (including fluorescent). Blender comes in Kits & also Packs without stands.
SlimLight Kits
SlimLight Kits are stripped down run & gun kits, meant to travel compactly yet deliver great looking results. Featuring some of our most popular lights, from Rifa eX-44 to Blender LED to the legendary Pro & Tota lights, these kits carry just the basics, with Uni TO Stands, in our sleek Slim Litebag.
DV Creator Kits
Small, Mid-sized & large cases, low & medium max. power focusable & broad throw lights, for lighting small or midsized areas.
3 Lowel DV Creator Kits
Rifa eX Kits
Small & large cases, lower & higher max. power dedicated softlights, for lighting small or larger areas. New Rifa eXchange models have removable accessory lampheads to increase options
Rifa System Kits
Rifa System Plus Kits
Rifa eXtra Flo Kits
Rifa All Soft Kits
ViP Kits
Smaller cases, lower power focusable & broad throw lights, for lighting smaller area.
ViP System Kits
Vip System Plus Kits
Tota/Omni Kits
Small & mid sized cases, medium power focusable & broad throw lights, for lighting small & mid-sized areas.
Tota Kits
Omni Kits
Tota/Omni System Kits
Tota/Omnis System Plus Kits
DP Light Kits
Larger sized cases, higher max. power focusable & broad throw lights, for lighting larger areas & from greater distance.
DP System Kits
DP System Plus Kits
L-light Kits
Fluorescent Kits

All Kits Link List
PRO Power LED Kits
2 Light AC Kit
3 Light AC Kit
2 Light AC / DC Kit
Lowel PRO LED 2 Battery Kit
Lowel PRO LED 3 Battery Kit

Prime Location LED
Prime Location 1 light Kit
Prime Location 2 light Kit

Lowel Blender (LED) Kits & Packs
Lowel Blender 3 Light Kit
Lowel Blender 1 Light Kit
Lowel Blender AC/DC Pack
Lowel Blender Duo AC/DC Pack

SlimLight Kits
SlimLight 3 Pro Kit
SlimLight 2 Tota Kit
SlimLight 1 Blender 2 Pro Kit
SlimLight 1 Pro 2 Blender Kit
SlimLight 1 Rifa 1 Blender Kit
SlimLight 1 Rifa 2 Blender Kit
SlimLight 1 Rifa 1 Pro Kit
SlimLight 1 Rifa 2 Pro Kit

DV Creator & Multi System Kits
Lowel DV Creator 1 Kit
Lowel DV Creator 44 Kit
Lowel DV Creator 55 Kit
Super Ambi Kit
Rifa eX Kits
Rifa eX 44 Kit
Rifa eX Pro 44 Kit
Rifa 44 eXtra/Flo Kit
Rifa eX 55 Kit
Rifa eX Pro 55 Kit
Rifa 55 eXtra Flo 80 Kit
Rifa eX 66 Kit
Rifa eX Pro 66 Kit
Rifa 66 eXtra Flo 80 Kit
Rifa eX 88 Kit
Rifa eX Pro 88 Kit
Rifa 88 eXtra Flo 80 Kit
Rifa eX Small Triple Soft Kit
Rifa eX Big Triple Soft Kit
ViP Kits
GO Intro-kit
GO Easy V Kit
GO Pro-visions Kit
GO Jet Set Kit
GO All Pro Kit
DV Core 250 Kit
DV Core 500 Kit
DV Pro 44 Kit
DV Pro 55 Kit
Tota/Omni Kits
Omni 3 Kit
TO GO 95 Kit
TO GO 96 Kit
Action Kit
Omni 4 Kit
TO GO 97 Kit
TO GO 98 Kit
Ambi Kit
Solo Kit
Elemental Kit
Basically 3 Kit
Tota/Omni Core 44 Kit
Tota/Omni Core 55 Kit
DP Kits
Close Quarters Kit
DP 3 Kit
DP3 Jr. Kit
DP 4 Kit
Mini-DP&T Kit
DP Super Remote Kit
DP Core 95 Kit
DP Core 96 Kit
DP Core 98 Kit

L-light Kit
L-light Mid-L Kit

Fluorescent Kits
Lowel SoftCore FLO-X3 Kit
Caselite2 Kit
Caselite4 Kit
LowelScandles Two Light Kit

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