DP Super Remote Kit

DP Super Remote Kit


With MULTI Case (MCSEM) (pictured)


For maximum versatility & output, this kit packs a lot of power & control. 2 1000w max. focusable DP Lights, 1 750w broad throw Tota-light, and a 1000w max. Rifa eX softlight. With 1 KS & 2 KS Jr Stands, a generous selection of light control & mounting accessories, in a Multi-case with recessed wheels & pull handle. Supplied with lamps.

The Rifa in this kit has been upgraded to the new Rifa eXchange System, with enhanced ablities due to quick-change accessory lampheads.

Code: D2-96Z
Size: 37.5 x 17.75 x 9"
62 lbs (28.2 kg)
Weight: 42 lbs (19.1 kg)
U.S. List Price: $3240.00

2 DP Lights (D2-10)
2 DP Barndoors (D2-20)
2 1000w, 120v lamps (FEL)
1 Tota-light (T1-10)
1 750w, 120v lamp (EMD)
1 Rifa eX 88 (LC-88EX)
1 1000w, 120v lamp (FEL)
1 #3 Superspot Reflector (D2-17)
1 Diffused Glass (D2-50)
1 Full Scrim (D2-54)
1 Graduated Scrim (D2-56)
2 DP Brellas (D2-25)
1 DP Frame (D2-24)
1 DP Mixed Gels (D2-78)
1 Light-flector with Tilter (LFT)
1 Tota-flag (T1-52)
1 Tota Frame (T1-20)
1 T/O Assorted Gels (T1-78)
2 Flexi-shafts (T1-50)
1 Tota Clamp (T1-30)
1 Large Space-clamp (SC-10)
1 KS Stand (KS)
3 KS Jr. Stands (DT-33)
1 DP/Rifa Lampak (D2-61)
1 Tota Lampak (T1-61)
1 Multi Case (MCSEM)