Lowel Blender 2 Light LED Kit

Blender 2 Light Kit

Run & Gun lighting, with the ability to change color to suit the ambient light of the location. 2 Blenders for lighting variety in a compact kit. Often you have to work quickly in a mixed source environment, to put realistic lighting on your subject and make them stand out in your shot. The ability to match the color of the existing location, or contrast it, makes this 2 light kit the right choice in a number of settings. Its accessory battery options can also help free you up to position the light where it needs to be, without concern for wall outlets.

The Lowel Blender 2 Light Kit combines 2 Blenders with AC Adaptors, and 2 Uni-stands, all in the Slim Litebag, with room to drop in your choice of accessory battery sleds, or DC cables for other battery options.

Total Kit Wattage: 32W

Code: BLN-9240LB
Size: 23 x 9 x 6 (58 x 23 x 15 cm)
Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg)

2 Lowel Blenders complete (BLN-10)
2 Lowel Uni-stands (UN-33)
1 Slim Litebag (LB-24)

U.S. List Price: $1550.00

Learn to Light With This Kit at Lowel EDU Here


With Slim Litebag
(LB-24) (pictured)

Mounting Accessories

Home-plate (TM)

Code: L1-32
Weight: 4 oz (113 g)
Balances Blender on floors and other surfaces; mounts on pipes and stand risers.
US List Price: $31.00

DC Battery Accessories

See the list below for your battery. Note - mid 2014 & later Blenders have updated 3 pin mini-XLR power connectors. Original Lowel Blenders have a 2 Pin Locking Connector. See below for each set of accessory options. The original Lowel Blender battery sleds are no longer being manufactured. To purchase any of the below listed sleds or cables with the original 2 pin connnector, contact Lowel Customer Service (800 645-2522) for more information.

CodeMini-XLR Battery Sleds Description
BSLD-2150Fits Sony BPU, Canon BP970 / 975 batteries
US List Price: $39.95
BSLD-2160 Fits Canon LP-E6, Nikon EN-EL3 batteries
US List Price: $39.95
BSLD-2170Fits Sony L/M, Panasonic CGR-D batteries
US List Price: $39.95
CodeMini-XLR Accessory Battery Cables
BL-8204-pin XLR Adaptor Cable, 5'
US List Price: $45.00
BL-830 Anton Bauer D-TAP Adaptor Cable, 5'
US List Price: $45.00
BL-850Cigarette Plug Adaptor Cable, 5'
US List Price: $45.00