Lowel Rifa eXtra Flo Kits

Rifa eXtra Flo Kits
The original Lowel Rifa has been updated with the eXchange System to create Rifa eX, featuring quick-exchange removable accessory lampheads for fluorescent and lower wattage tungsten-halogen options. See the Rifa eX Systems pages for more information. Rifa eX still operates the same way as the original Rifa, but with the added ability of lower wattage tungsten & daylight fluorescent accessory options.

Rifa eXtra Flo Kits are 1 light Rifa Kits that come ready to light in tungsten or daylight environments. Each kit comes with a Rifa eX and its standard tungsten-halogen lamphead, plus an accessory 300w tungsten-halogen lamphead (the standard head supplied with Rifa eX 44). The kit adds a 3 lamp FLO-X3 fluorescent head, 3 daylight flo lamps, plus stand & case.

Rifa's soft 'wrap-around' light quality makes it the perfect choice for 1 light run & gun talking head type interviews. The ability to quickly convert from Tungsten-halogen to daylight fluorescent adds versatility to location lighting.

There are also other Kits that combine Rifa eX models with lights from other other Lowel Systems. Visit Rifa eX Light Systems pages to see what kits each model is available in. There are also eX Fluorescent Accessory Packs which combine fluorescent heads & lamps to carry along with Rifa eXchange in any kit.

Rifa 44 eXtra/Flo Kit
Code: LC-94XDZ
US List Price: $1055.00

With LB-30 Small Litebag Soft Case
Code: LC-94XDLBZ
US List Price: $915.00
Rifa 55 eXtra/Flo 80 Kit
Code: LC-95X80DZ
US List Price: $1510.00

With LB-35 Large Litebag Soft Case
Code: LC-95X80DLBZ
US List Price: $1315.00
Rifa 66 eXtra/Flo 80 Kit
Code: LC-96X80DZ
US List Price: $1585.00

With LB-35 Large Litebag Soft Case
Code: LC-96X80DLBZ
US List Price: $1390.00
Rifa 88 eXtra/Flo 80 Kit
Code: LC-98X80DZ
US List Price: $1575.00

With LB-40 Large Rifa Litebag Soft Case
Code: LC-98X80DLBZ
US List Price: $1475.00

With With MCSER Hard Case
Code: LC-98X80DMZ
US List Price: $1799.00