Our Most Popular Kits

1 Lowel DV Creator Kits
DV Creator Kits
Easily our most popular kits, these three kits combine lights from different systems to give you a versatile set of lighting options.
2 Rifa eX Kits
Rifa eX Kits
Rifa's quick setup, beautiful output, & swappable accessory eX lampheads make these kits among our strongest sellers. A wide selection of kits to suit most needs.

3 Basically 3 & Elemental Kits
Basically 3 & Elemental Kits
Longtime Lowel favorites Tota & Omni in 3 light combinations with light control accessories.
4 T/O GO 97 & T/O GO 98 Kits
T/O GO 97 & T/O GO 98 Kits
For lighter travel, Tota & Omni's in 3 light combinations with more compact cases, with small stury folding stands.
5 Super Ambi & Ambi Kits
Super Ambi & Ambi Kits
Super Ambi is our most elaborate combo of Totas & Omni's, with added Pro & Rifa eX, plus generous selection of accessories, in a relatively compact case. The original Ambi is a longtime popular classic in its own right.

6 DV Core Kits
DV Core Kits
DV Core 44 & 55, 2 popular lower wattage kits combining Pro & V-lights, with the addition of a quick setup Rifa eX for beautiful softlight.
7 DV Pro Kits
DV Pro Kits
DV Pro 44 & 55 kits are more elaborate lower wattage kits featuring Pro & V-lights with Rifa eX and a wider selection of accessories in a larger case.
8 Caselite Kits
Caselite Kits
Caselite fluorescent kits have a loyal following of their own, with soft daylight or tungsten output from a light thats also its own stand carrying case.